Knowing What Your Needs Are for Your Pro Move.

Professionals in the business world are busy people. Every ounce of time is valuable and important and must be utilized correctly. The reason you’re using a moving company in the first place is for them to do what they’re good at which is moving people from destination to destination. Not needing to wait for a specific schedule of van line shipping delays.

They want a speedy, direct moving service that allows them to have delivery done in a timely manner. This allows them to enjoy the move or trip they’re going to take to their new destination. It is important for the director/executive to manage and enjoy time with family or just to discover the new place, but most of all, it allows them to get back to what they are good at once work begins immediately after the move has been completed.

These individuals inside of a corporation are the life-blood of the business and indirectly the driving force of the nation. These are some things to take into consideration and it is important to find out, in advance, from the parties what their moving needs are.

  • Is direct delivery needed?

  • Will there be a time where the person will need to go into storage?

  • What type of building is it? a high-rise building perhaps?

  • Can a large 53-foot trailer reach the destination?

  • Will un-packing be required?

  • Are there any high-value works of art or paintings?

  • Any items over $5000? Do these need to be crated?

  • Do you need to purchase high value insurance?

  • Do you need all of the trash disposed of?

  • Will the persons goods need to be placed in storage for a period of weeks/months?

Direct Delivery

Direct delivery is an agreed upon time where your shipment is driven within the dates that your mover has specified in a contract and you have signed. Normally, this is an additional cost, especially if you’re going long distance. It must be clearly communicated that you want this service to the moving company prior to pick up. The reason for this is that a competent mover can easily plan and schedule your delivery. Do not compromise your service by choosing the cheapest price. A mover that values himself will charge a price supporting the service. A good moving company values its own service and wants it’s customers to be happy after moving service is completed. If the shipper is planning to take a vacation in the time that the shipment is being transported, this information must be communicated in advance to the mover. This includes tours, conferences, or speaking engagements. At times, if the items are going to be placed in storage then they are technically going to be moved four times. The correct precautions must be taken upon wrapping, crating and packing the items correctly to prevent them from being damaged.

Are there Building Requirement?

Depending on what type of building the person is moving into, there are a couple of things that could unknowingly change the price due to the movers needing to spend more time to do the delivery or pick-up. If you’re going to a high-rise building, the movers will need to take an elevator, unless it was built before the 1930’s and the men may need to go up a large flight of stairs. The movers can pre-plan for this and order more man power which comes out to less time for the move. There is nothing worse for a mover than working until 1:00-2:00am. This won’t make anyone happy.

  • Also, if there is a loading dock, will the moving company have accessibility or will they need to make an appointment?
  • Will the building require building insurance?

Building insurance normally has a cost involved in it because the building’s name normally, needs to be placed on the certificate and then faxed or emailed so that the building has the movers on file.

Will Unpacking be Required?

Most of the professionals want an easy, seamless move. Before the movers even show up, there are certain items that need to be accounted for. This includes cash, jewelry, medication and identification. Electronics such as; iPads, laptops and mobile phones must be collected and placed in a safe area and only moved by a trusted colleague. Do not think that the moving company is responsible for any of these items, it is written in their contracts that they are not responsible for these items and you wouldn’t want them responsible either. These valuable things must travel with the person and in hand baggage. Packing Day is Easy; just figure out exactly what you want to move. Do you want just the kitchen packed or the full home packed? Keep in mind, any item over $5000 you will want to insure, and the insurance company will require that it be crated in a wooden container. This is not a quick action and needs to have the measurements of the items in order for the wood carpenter to assemble the crates and have them shipped to the pick up destination prior to loading. If you do this after the fact of loading day and you have any damage, the insurance company will deny your claim. The packing day should be scheduled for the day or days prior to pick-up of your shipment. This will allow a controlled, organized packing situation.

Can a Large 53-foot Trailer Reach the Destination?

This is very easy to understand. A 53-foot trailer is basically a big rig, 18-wheeler. If any of the locations can’t support this size of a truck or allow access via road accessibility or weight restrictions on the road, then you have two options. The mover can either transport it into a smaller vehicle, which is called a shuttle. Extra costs will apply for the labor and additional vehicles that will be needed. Your second option is pick up in a smaller vehicle and delivery with that same vehicle. If you make the second choice, then there will be a premium rate. The moving company providing this option will probably lose money if they are going over 500 miles. Fuel consumption will be exactly the same if you drive a small 24-foot truck or a 53-foot truck, meaning they will lose money on the space they would’ve had for their back haul or shipments that they are traveling with.

Do you Need to Purchase High Value Insurance?

If a moving company is licensed under United States Department of Transportation there is a requirement of insurance that entails $.60 per pound per article for damaged or lost items. To understand this calculation, take the weight of an item, say for example a table, which is 150 pounds, you would multiply that by $.60, and you’d receive $90. Not much huh? Covering yourself with designer furnishings, antiques, or that priceless crockery you can get a moving insurance quote. If you have homeowners insurance, you should read your policy to see whether a home relocation is covered under the policy. In addition, any licensed carrier is required to hold up to $25,000 cargo insurance per shipment, that means you’re covered up to $25,000 when the items are inside the vehicle.

Do you Need Trash Disposed of?

Do you believe that it is a requirement for a moving company to get rid of your trash? Some moving companies charge to take the trash off your property. Some people like to keep the boxes, we suggest only keeping them if you plan on doing a move within 2 years. If you’re not going to, throw the boxes away. They’re a porous item that can absorb moisture overtime.

Will there Need to be Storage for A period of Time?

If there is a need for storage please communicate this in the beginning when booking your move. Extra handling charge may apply and arranged storage location maybe needed to be found. In large areas of the country there is a shortage of open storage facilities and space especially if there has been some kind of natural disaster within the last 2 years. Pre planning is the goal on taking control of cost and time on a move, Good luck and I hope this article was helpful to you.


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Elicia B 6 months, 3 weeks ago

If we take a Direct Delivery option on our move, and arrange drop off to be on a specific date and time, what happens when the movers comes in late?

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Adam P 6 months, 3 weeks ago

Elicia normally you would be compensated if you have paid for a guaranteed date of delivery but if you ordered regular direct delivery the carrier would have a window of dates to arrive. Make sure you communicate to the moving company exactly what you want so that they can meet your needs. Don't assume anything but make it very clear so all involved understands what you want.

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Tracey Small 6 months, 2 weeks ago

I am moving into an apartment building on the 7th floor. I understand that going up a service elevator is not very easy and this takes a lot of time. I have specified all the requirements and the instructions on my quote and some companies are quoting me up to $1000 more than others. I don't want to take the cheaper option but get a lot of extra chargers on my bill. Would you recommend going for the cheaper and letting them keep their word, or would you recommend the more expensive option?

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Adam P 6 months, 2 weeks ago

I recommend that you research the companies on our site and then make your decision. The moving industry is a service business and you pay for what you get. If you have a couple of companies telling you up front that there will be extra charges then they likely want a stress free move, just like you. I would trust them more because they are doing a pro move. Moving isn't like buying a pair of jeans where you aim to find a really cheap price. I'll ask you a question, would you choose the cheapest doctor, lawyer or dentist? No, you choose the best. You should do the same when it comes to all pro moving and storage companies, Tracey.

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Susan Stratton 5 months, 3 weeks ago

If there is an unforeseen circumstance that the move takes longer than necessary, like an accident on the road, or a road block, can I be charged an hourly rate extra?

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Adam P 5 months, 2 weeks ago

No not if your doing a long distance move, there would be no extra charges normally. If you are moving local you could be charged extra. If you where on an hourly rate the movers would calculate your bill by the time they work for you. All pro moving companies that move long distance should be in communication if there is a delay to traffic or road closure. Hope my answer helped Susan.

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Alex S 4 months ago

Good Day, How would I know if the company I am using is a pro moving company?

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Adam Peterson 4 months ago

Hi Alex,
Pro moving companies usually identify themselves as specializing in that specific type of service or have a specific package that comes with all of the custom or extra features you need for a pro move. Search moving companies on our site by clicking the "moving companies" button at the top of the page and search by your state to find movers near you.

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Jimmy Bobbyson 4 months ago

I'm in Atlanta, and I was thinking of maybe rent a truck but I got back problems. I read your page and was thinking that i may need experts to move me. A promove for my apartment coming down stairs and my question is do i need to rent the truck if I hire movers? Can you tell me please.
Thank you JB

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Adam Peterson 3 months, 4 weeks ago

Hi Jimmy. When you hire a moving company they provide all the things you need; they have their own trucks, moving people, dollies, furniture blankets, etc. You normally need to pack your own items into boxes, although some companies will do that for you as well for an additional fee. I would not recommend moving your items down the stairs yourself, especially if you have a bad back. The last thing you want it to hurt yourself more or damage your stuff. You can start by entering in your information in the blue box at the top right hand of the page and get a free moving estimate today. Hope that helps!

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Zack Bisko 3 months, 4 weeks ago

Hello there,

I was wondering if you know where to find free apartment listings? Maybe I've shown up to the wrong place but I figure why not give it a shot, I'm moving so I need to find a new apartment.

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Adam Peterson 3 months, 4 weeks ago

Hi Zack. Although is a site to find local moving companies in your area, we would still be happy to direct you into the right place to find apartment listings. Each city you are moving to/ from may have local sites that list apartments for rent. Some of these can charge to see the listings. Simply searching 'apartments for rent in BLANK city" into a search engine is always a good place to start. Craigslist is a good place to find free listings of apartments. Good luck with finding an apartment and make sure to use to when you need to hire a moving company!

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