How To Move A Grandfather Clock

Proper materials are needed to safely transport a grandfather clock. Before moving the clock it is a good idea to measure the clock's weights. Knowing the weight of the clock will allow you to move it safely. Packing paper and bubble wrap are good materials to use when moving a grandfather clock. Grandfather clocks are among one of the heaviest articles of furniture. These clocks are often more valuable and fragile than other grandfather clocks.

Delicately Moving the Clock

Moving grandfather clock is something that mustbe handledwith extreme care. The grandfather clock has a lot of fragile and delicate components. As a result, moving clock like this one of the more difficult things to move. Before touching the grandfather clock, remember that bare hands might cause damage. The oils that arenaturallypresent on the skin will tarnish the brass and glass pieces of the clock. Always wear gloves made of cotton when touching the internals of the clock.

Remove glass shelves and pack them first. Pack each glass component by itself. Even if they seem sturdy, they could chip or crack during transport. Wrap glass items in thick packing materials. Mark the wrapped items as ‘fragile’. Cover fragile items with protective wrapping before placing them in the box. Wrap cardboard and bubble wrap between the hammers and bells. Install the foam blocks or cardboard above the pulleys between the clock cable.

This puts tension on the cables, keeping them out of the way. Remove the pendulum and weight with care. Take extra caution here. Be careful not to damage the spring or movement kit. Avoid leaving the weights inside of the clock, as they can move around and break the glass. Label each weight as left, center, or right. Do this immediately to avoid confusion later on.

Make sure there is enough padding between the chains and cables. If the cable weight is heavy, removing it may be a good option. This will prevent internal damage when you move the clock. If they are not removed, they could become tangled during transport.

Cable and chain driven mechanisms are especially important to keep safe. Secure loose panels with tape to prevent them from swinging open during transport. Pack the pendulum along with the rest of the parts in the original box. Some clocks have removable hoods that you can remove to prevent damage. With your moving clock, do not remove protective coverings throughout its movement.

A custom built padded crate is the best option when moving a grandfather clock. Moving blankets are less expensive and do not provide equal protection.

Shipping specialists can place valuable items in crates on site. They also help with insuring valuable items during transport. You can increase the protection of moving grandfather clocks.

To check if your grandfather clock is working well after your move, you may set it up and hear how it chimes. If it sounds as good as before, you know either you or your movers did a great job transporting it. Remember that a grandfather clock may not operateproperlyunless you place it on a flat surface. Before winding the clock, ensure that you've removed all protective padding. Also be sure that every component isproperlyattached. This will secure the chains, pulleys, or tensioners that ensure proper operation.

Do not pack the weights together and do not place them inside of the clock’s case to avoid damage.

how to move a grandfather clock


Avatar 1 year, 5 months ago

Thank you for this information. I have moved my fathers clock once before and had to bring in white gloves at the last minute to help me which cost a fortune. Now I am more prepared. | Reply
Avatar 1 year, 5 months ago

Chris did you mean white glove movers or did you need the white gloves for the actual furniture. There is a technical aspects when moving a grandfather clock depending on how old it is and sometime hiring professional movers saves you money when you get it done right the first time. | Reply
Avatar 1 year, 5 months ago

Ashley, I had to get the white glove movers in at last minute to help me. Next time I will contact them well in advance. | Reply
Avatar 1 year, 4 months ago

Do I require extra insurance for items like a Grandfather clock? | Reply
Avatar 1 year, 1 month ago

Good Day, I need to store our Grandfather clock for 3 months in a storage unit. Is there any tips to ensure no damage will be done to the clock while in storage? | Reply
Avatar 1 year ago

Hi Margie. Before storing your Grandfather clock, I suggest you wrap it up using a type of cushioning material such as foam along with a thick moving blanket that will further help prevent damage such as scratching. You also want to use a storage that is not mobile as storage spaces such as moving vaults can move the contents within them if the items within them are not stabilized. | Reply
Avatar 7 months, 3 weeks ago

Ha. I never thought I would have to seek advice on how to move a grandfather clock..until I actually obtained a grandfather clock (and now currently moving). Thanks so much, you guys nailed it. | Reply
Avatar 7 months, 2 weeks ago

Wish I had seen this before moving my grandfather’s clock to have it ruined. If I had taken your precautions, by now, the clock would’ve been here with me working just fine. I bundled the entire clock without having the glasses removed or any part and traveled for about 22 miles. Not only did one of the side glasses got broken, the wooden design at the base got punctured and the clock has lost its original shape. I would probably have gotten answers if I had asked friends how to move a grandfather’s clock. It’s completely fixed but I feel real bad I could’ve done something to save its originality. Thanks | Reply
Avatar 7 months, 2 weeks ago

How to move a grandfather clock was a debate I had with myself for a very long time. The last time I moved it, I cried a lot... After reading these informative tips, I saw where the problem lied with the past movers I hired.. They did not use much padding and protection. I am thankful that I found this site. I have surfed the net looking for answers for a very long time. I am quite satisfied with the steps found here.
Thank you | Reply
Avatar 3 months, 4 weeks ago

Hi I'm going move to Norrh California fm Greenville NC. I have Grandfather clock, would be safe ? What's needs for protection? Help please. Thanks | Reply
Avatar 3 months, 4 weeks ago

Going to drive the rented Uhaul | Reply

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