How Early Should I Schedule My Move?


This is a very commonly asked question. Once you figure out where your moving and destination of your address then you can book your move. Depending on what your needs are more preparation may be required for your move. Its not necessary to book you move months and months away unless you're moving internationally. If you moving locally or across state lines to another state then I would advise two months in advance because the more prepared you are for the move the easier it will be.

If you're in the market for doing move yourself well you got a lot of work in front of you. Don't kid yourself by thinking that is can it be an easy ride, there's a reason that moving companies exist. The spring and the summer are the busiest times for moving companies and truck rentals and this is considered moving season.

Saving you money is a normal moving question for people relocating. If you going to hire a moving company anyone can get accurate price by using the moving calculator tool. If you want to do it the old-fashioned way and start calling around to moving companies get communicating to them and find out pricing. A calculation of what you moving and whats packing is going to be whats needed. Will you need packers to pack you or are you going to do it yourself. These are all questions that you need to ask your self.

If you go it the cheap route and loaded a vehicle yourself, packing a vehicle yourself please take in consideration that this is going to be a long day and very tiresome. Be real with yourself and ask your self am I capable of completing the tasks that are needed in the time given. If you think a normal human can load a three-bedroom house into a vehicle and get into the vehicle and drive 300 miles I suggest you think again. This is a little tiresome and very grinding on the body and is reason that they have driving rules set out by the DOT, and this reason alone. It's dangerous and fatiguing working for such a long time. Saftey, Saftey always.

I'm not saying it's impossible but number one is for you to be safe. I want you to complete your move in a safe manner especially if you have kids, I want you to be safe because a move should always positive.

Let's get started eight weeks before a Interstate Moves. Book you move now or Book the rental truck. If you book in advance you always save money with a moving company or rental company. Not all moving companies move across state lines so you need to find a moving company does just this and has the ability to do long distance moves for its customers.

Local moving in the same city I would would advisetwo to three weeks before your moving date but the early you book the better deal you'll probably get. If you wait for the last minute you will pay more. Basically a supplying and demand of the availablity of the trucks will increase it to a premium price for your move especially if it's at the End or beginning of the month which is the busiest time.

When should I Book Movers

Don’t go for the cheapest mover
, you get what you pay for in the moving industry.

Next question if your moving over state lines how fast do you want the shipment to be there!
If you want the shipment to be driven directly to your location and you're going across the country ask for 1st Class service. This will mean that your shipment will be driven directly with no stops, it obviously will cost more but it will ensures delivery. If you got a couple of days to spare then the next option is business-class only 3 to 14 business days, next is basic economy which is between 3 and 24 business days. Different moving companies have different time agreements depending on the distance to get going across the country. A rental truck agreement normally gives you a specific period of time for you to complete your move in either charges you via miles or a flat rate for the distance. If there is a detour and you go over the miles the maximum mile agreed-upon you will pray a pretty penny so be honest and communicate to the retail office.

Packing questions:

  • Where are you going to get the boxes?
  • Do you have enough tape?
  • Do you need blankets?

Many moving companies have deals on boxes and packing material that movers often give deals before the move starts and you can either pack yourself or have movers come prior to the move and pack you up. If you're looking for material and you don't want to spend any money then check out our finding free moving boxes on the side of the page. Many people don't like going this route because they don't like using dirty material which could happen if you're looking for boxes behind stores for markets. I like to pay a little bit extra and get clean material but it's really up to you.

A big mistake is not having enough tape. if you buy tape in bulk your going to save considerably. if you buy tape one role at a time or six roles of the time even if pay a premium price. Additionly if you wait for the movers to turn up they may charge a premium rate for the moving tape. by the appropriate amount of take so the you covered on moving day.

If you're moving long-distance moving blankets or moving quilts are essential. When you travel over 100 miles you will have a lot of up-and-down motion within the truck even if the truck is stacked properly. The moving blankets are the padding between your furniture so that you don't get any route marks, scuffs or deep indentations. A lot of people that use portable storage containers to travel long distance had this exact problem. The big problem is if you use a portable storage container and received this damage you are completely at risk because you will not have any coverage for this damage. Moving company's trucks are designed within a Erack system that goes up and down the inside body of the moving truck. this means that they can support an strap in any direction within the moving truck which is essential for protecting goods also most moving companies allow you to use moving blankets complementary. If you're doing it yourself, your going to need to purchase moving blankets. That's quite expensive to be prepared to spend $15-$20 for each blanket. The blankes a graded via there weight so the heavier they are the more protect you will get. Dont get vault pads there not thick enough.

If you moving internationally and there are many rules and regulations that you need to educate yourself with. Many countries have customs, which can keep you without your belongings for a couple of months so preplanning your move is essential. Contact an international broker now so that you can start the education.

Ashley Richmond


Avatar 1 year, 2 months ago

I am wondering what I can do if I only have two weeks before my interstate move and not the recommended eight weeks you suggest in the article. Can I just dump some of the stuff I don't need and if so where? I'd like to move lightly but I want professionals and I will probably go with the business class. | Reply
Avatar 1 year, 2 months ago

Hello Jerry. We recommend 8 weeks to make things less stressful but of course you can book a move in less time, there may just be less time to get everything done, but you can do it! There are many places that you can get rid of your unwanted items. If they are in good condition but just a little older or unwanted (clothing, desks etc) donating them is always the best option. Do an online search for your local Good Will, Salvation Army or possibly homeless shelters that will take unwanted items. Most of the time the city will also offer free curb side pick up of larger items on trash day if you call ahead. Each city is different so you can do some research on what your city offers. Let us know if you have any other questions and good luck with your move. Remember to use our calculate your move tool on this page to the right. Its an easy and quick way to move. | Reply

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