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Moving has many variables, there is a peak and a non-peak season, which can be whittled down to best times of a month and even prime days of the week. One is not always free to choose when to move, though and this is probably not entirely up to you. Regardless of peak season and best days, having the best moving company will mean there is no bad day to move.

Of course the perfect mover does not fall into your proverbial packing box, and some degree of planning is required. What you need is a registered mover with a good reputation, respectful staff and a cost effective, guaranteed quote. How to find such a company, to contentedly trust with your most precious, sentimental and valuable possessions is what we are going to tackle here.

We’ve already mentioned reputation as non-negotiable, which really also ties in with respect and pricing. A Reputable company would therefore be a top priority. Would you sing the praises of a mover who had extorted unreasonable fees, regardless of their proven accreditations and the respect with which they handled your possessions? Probably not as readily as a mover charging a reasonable, market-related rate who did like-wise.

Respect is not an easily observable trait in a company since many individuals will be involved in getting your precious possessions across country. This is why we’ve compiled questions for you to ask, to determine who you might trust with the irreplaceable clay cast of your first-born’s little feet.

How long has the moving company been in business?

Experience is invaluable when entrusting sentimentally priceless artefacts. A track record of exemplary service is key since some items are quite simply irreplaceable, regardless of insurance coverage.

  • Are they accredited?
    Interstate movers must have a US DOT license number issued by the United States Department of Transportation. A state license issued by the relevant State is mandatory for moves within that state.
  • Does the company have insurance?
    Do not even consider using a mover who is not licensed or insured. Just imagine what might happen to your worldly goods in the hands of an under-aged, unlicensed ne’er do well, who has merely consorted with his equally unmeritorious buddy to ship your possessions for a quick buck. Check whether your personal homeowners or renters’ policy covers your contents in transit. Supplemental cover for your move can be arranged through the likes
  • Has the company earned meritorious accolades or official acknowledgements? Ask for letters of recommendation?
    Reputation is key and a mover who over-promises, under-delivers and over-charges will never be rewarded with commendations. Why would you want to hire a company who has not earned referrals? There’s a lot to be said for word-of-mouth when it comes to service delivery.
  • Check for online reviews?
    Existing and previous customers may have rated the movers on social media sites, and we suggest you gauge past experiences using Yelp, Citysearch and TrustLink. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) will also provide a rating on the company.
  • Make sure of what your quote includes
    Remember: Commendable company equals reasonable rates. Double check whether the movers have accounted for seasonal variables and time of the month and day of the week. Their final rate should be all-inclusive, right down to comprehensive fuel costs.
  • Acquaint yourself with any possible consolidation policies or delivery windows?
    Interstate moves involve Consolidation as a means to be cost effective, whereby your belongings are combined and shipped together with other peoples’. This means that your delivery period will be extended to allow for multiple stops scheduled for collections and deliveries on the route. This makes it impossible for Moving companies to reasonably commit to an exact delivery time and date, and you will be given a deliver window spanning a few days. Clarify the expected delivery dates with the mover beforehand, and travel with whatever necessities you’ll need over the time you will be without your possessions. You don’t want to spend your first few days at the new job dressed in comfy travel sweats and beach thongs.
  • Will your furniture be wrapped to prevent damages? How many movers are assigned to your possessions? How long will the job take? Will you be charged for overtime?
    A moving company may not quote you an estimate over the phone, but they may provide you with their rates. Ask whether they charge for on-site estimates?
  • Are they actively involved in the community?A company which is concerned about community development and well-being will probably care more about you and your move. A transparent company which is established and involved in your town has already committed to a relationship.
  • Do they have specialty experience, such as managing high rises and elevators?
    Additional men and equipment could cost you extra.
  • Do they measure obstacles such as doorways, stairways and elevators before the move?
    Document any potential complications, take photographs and make written confirmations before the move, to avoid possible culpability after the fact.
  • Play Interior Designer and know where you want your furniture before it is delivered.
    This is where you get to play doll’s house. Measure your furniture and your new home, draw each room to scale (graph paper is useful for this) and make scale cut-outs of each item of furniture. Arrange the furniture in the rooms. This way you will know exactly where to place each stick of furniture when it arrives, and you won’t be wasting the movers’ time and manpower.
  • Encourage the movers to ask you questions?
    If the company representative is willing to provide you with an estimate without asking any questions, move along to the next company right now.

There is no shortage of national moving companies. Boutique-style movers are popular within their communities, since they have built up personal affiliations and proven reputations. Outsiders do not have insider knowledge, and are left to research quality movers from scratch. The best way to do so is by concentrating on established national companies with reputable track-records.

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