Filing a Moving Claim & Claim Package

Every household goods moving company is required to have a claims process established. Shippers must be given the option of filing a claim for loss and damaged claim. Movers cannot issue payment for loss or damage without first making a note on the claim form. Sometimes moving companies opt to pay a third party claims company for the processing of their moving claims. While this is a very convenient option, it can become costly, especially if you have a filing a claim with moving company among other moving service responsibilities.

If the moving company caused damage to goods that you need in order to live in the new home, there is hope. You can often times get the company to expedite the replacement product while the claim is being reviewed. If moveditemsare damaged, do not repair or replace them until the claim has reached the company and someone has come to assess the damages. If the item you made a claim for is unsafe, you can take a photo and throw it away. When you receive compensation for the claim, it will usually come in the form of a check. Make sure the amount given is satisfactory. If it is not, then you should politely negotiate a new price. Keeping a polite composure will make it easier for you to get what you want out of the claim.

Some moving companies choose to resolve disputes in-house.This requires extensive knowledge on settling a dispute, as well as verbal and written etiquette. You might consider purchasing an all-inclusive package, which contains the documents listed below.
  • Generic Claim Form
  • Claims Register
  • Claim Receipt Acknowledgement Letter
  • Notice of Extension Required
  • Claim Response Letter
  • Generic Release Form
  • Pre-Delivery Release Form
  • Notary Required Release Form
  • Claims Weight Guide
  • Claim Package Instruction Manual
  • Claim Package Analysis Guide
  • Insurance
Knowing how toproperlyhandle a claim will save you a lot of money in the long run.The claim form allows the customer to file a claim for items lost, damaged items and disputed charges.However, if a customer wishes to file a claim, the option of submitting a written letter canbe providedin additionto the claim.This will helpalleviateonline complaints and resolve any claim moving the customer's belongings.

Properlyhandling a complaint is critical for building a strong client base, as well as attracting people to using your services to move again in the future. When filing a claim form, it is important to remember that the sooner you do it, the better. Most companies have a certain time frame during which youare allowedto file a claim.Doing it sooner makes it more likely that the claim willbe satisfied, and that the people responsible for damages willbe heldliable.When considering claim compensation, remember that some of your items may not havebeen insuredfor their full value.Unless you signed up for an insurance plan with the moving company, you areprobablyonly limited to the plan that comes with your move. This is not a full coverage plan, Instead, it only covers part of the cost of replacement for the items. This may be why your settlement is smaller than anticipated.
Our claims register is a detailed list of each claim. The claims register is also easy to use and self-explanatory.
It is also the first thing that a DOT inspector requests to see when conducting an audit.
Moversare requiredto maintain a list ofall ofthe claims filed. Companies claim register hasbeen providedfor inspection by the Department of Transportation. Using this will allow you to better prepare for and pass your next inspection or if someone were to file a claim.
The documents we send to each customer shouldbe informedand copied. They can bespeciallymade, per request. Remember, copies of any letter sent to the customer mustbe maintainedwith the claim.

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The release forms protect you from more than justdamage claims.They can alsobe usedto prevent credit card disputes and other claims that could be illegitimate. A settlement allows you to drop all disputes with the customer on the basis of agreed terms.If the customer does not feel as though they are completely satisfied, you can work together to reach an agreement that is satisfactory for both you and them.

If your attempt at a resolution is unsuccessful, you always have the option of providing your customer with arbitration.We provide you with all themoving claim tipsand tools necessary to analyze your claims and use the required documentation.Click here for more information about purchasing our working claims package for handling damaged goods.


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Hey, thanks for allowing customers to submit a claim online through your claim page. I see that the form is much more simple now compared to before. I think it is much more user friendly now since it is much easier to understand. There probably can be more improvements here and there but the functionality of the moving claim process is looking good.

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