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It is important to look for companies that have stood the test of time, because when it comes to moving companies many of them don't last very long. The moving industry is known for its flip companies which means companies that open up, do a bunch of moves, with sub-par quality and then close down when problems start overwhelming them only for them to open up again under a different name. Below is more information on how our site and unique badges work.


The 3 year award signifies that a moving company has successfully operated for over a 3 year period. Why is this such a significant achievment? The reason is that there are many business that flip their company every 1 to 2 years. Flip Companies do bad business by overcharging consumers and scamming them through unethical business practices. They get away with this by opening up agian under a different name. If a company is still in business for 3 years, you know they have been in business for a long enough time and that their objective is to take care of you and your household moves. They care about their reputation and display this badge proudly and send you a strong signal that you and your move will matter to them.

The 6 year moving award signifies that the moving company has extensive experience in the moving field. If you're doing a Corporate relocation we strongly advise to choose a moving a company that has 6 years or more of experience. Moving companies that have been working for 6 years have the experience you need for your move. These moving companies can handle unusual corporate items, like a 3D Printer Moving for example.

Steps to Protect Your Move

Obviously it is our intention for you to connect with good moving companies and going through the right steps is key to protecting your move. It is a requirement for movers to explain your rights and responsibilieis which is also posted below as a PDF.

If you are a moving company, you must have this embedded in all emails sent to the consumers or you must physically give them this brochure before the move starts.

Millions of moves occur across the united states each year. If you're one of these people, it's a big step your going to be taking in your life.

It can be a highly stressful situation due to the fact that it ranks as one of the top 4 most stressful things a person can do. But obviously there are steps you can take to ensure you choose a good company, like the fact that your on is definatly a good start.

One thing that sets moving companies apart, as we stated earlier, is how long they have been in business. Moving companies must have an active DOT (Department of Transportation) license as well. This license can be verified via the FMCSA website. The aim of the game when choosing a mover is to avoid dishonest mover or as they are commonly known in the industry, rougue movers.

Even if you hire a reputable company, sometime things can still go wrong. As with everything in life, its not always perfect.

If something does happen, the difference between a professional moving company and a rogue moving company is that the pro's will give you a claim form to fill out so that you can be handled properly and be compensated for your losses or damages.

Understanding your protection when moving is probably the biggest issue when it comes to claims. If you choose the basic option and are going across state lines the required standard protection is 60 cents per article per pound. This is the level of your liability if your article is lost or damaged. The movers could offer you to repair the item or give you a settlement at this standard required rate.

Full value protection
This is when your mover is liable for the replacement value of a lost or a damaged household good in your total shipment.

Movers should make a cash settlement or repair for the cost of the current market value of the item or piece of furniture.

If you are moving itesm that have been by the industry as of "extra-odinary value" there is a special form that you will need to fill out with your mover called an extraordinary value form.
This from is needed when the item is over 100 dollars per pound. Do not let the movers handle your jewelery or passports or any medication, this is your responsibility to keep to yourself and transport on your own.


When you see these badges across the web on various moving company websites it means that they are a proud affiliate partner of We aim to be a helping hand in the moving industry and our goal is to make friends with as many people as we can. If you would like to get a free personalized affiliate button please contact us and we will code one up for you.


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If a piece of furniture is broken during my move, how long is the average claim process?

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