In Movers Storage Vaults?

The movers placed you in storage before delivering to you. Possible causes of this could be the following:

  • I wasn’t there to receive my shipment
  • The delivery location wasn’t ready
  • I couldn’t pay my bill

If you weren’t there and ready to receive your shipment, the movers are on a schedule and therefore they would have to place you into a storage facility. Typically the movers can allow you access to the storage quickly.

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Movers Put me In Storage. What should I do?

You will have to pay your balance plus any storage costs incurred. Contact the moving company and complete the payment necessary to gain access to your belongings. You can request a re-delivery service or you can try to find a local moving company that can get your belongings into your new home quickly. If you choose to schedule a re-delivery, you would need to wait until the company is back in that area which would take anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks. Make sure you communicate your needs to the full service moving company to ensure that you receive the service you are requesting. A re-delivery does cost additional money and you will be required to pay for this service if you are requesting this service.

If you are unable to reach the delivery location or if your location was not ready it is unfortunate however that is not the fault of the moving company. The moving company needs to have the use of their truck to complete other jobs so that they can conduct their business and deliver other shipments in a timely manner. Please be in good communication with them so that you can retrieve your belongings and start over in your new home.

If you are unable to pay your balance due at delivery, it is understandable and we encourage you to work through the situation as best as you can.

Be in communication with your moving company and see if you are able to work out a payment arrangement. Be prepared for large payments if this is the case because moving companies want to work things out with you as quickly as possible to avoid incurring any unnecessary storage charges or fees.

Retrieving your household goods either from the storage facility or having them redelivered to your delivery location will allow you to be comfortable and is the highest priority of the movers as well. Even if you are having trouble paying your bill, remember that moving to your new location is a positive thing and allow yourself to stay positive.

Sometimes, when moving, it can drum up a lot of emotional attachments to your household goods. We understand that sometimes people can be affected by this. It is helpful to understand that you are going to get your items back, and the best thing may be patience. If you need a local mover to help keep your costs down, fill out our moving estimate for a quick delivery and you will be paired up with a mover that can best suit all of your needs.



blogpartnerka.ru 6 months, 2 weeks ago

Can I transfer my storage to another storage company that is cheaper while I wait for my move? I'm currently in storage because I wasn't able to move into my new place at the time that I scheduled the move. Is there any way I can move my belongings to another storage to save money and contact the moving company to move my things when I'm ready? Would the current moving company that I am with look down on this and charge me more later on or would they not even care if I chose to do so? The problem is I am not exactly sure when my place would be available for me to move so I want to move into cheaper storage to save money in case I won't be able to move in for a while. The cost for me to get out of their storage is adding up quickly and I'm not sure if I would be able to afford a couple more months of this. I'm currently staying with my parents until this housing situation is all taken care of. I would leave my things at my parents' place but unfortunately they have no more room. I just want to make sure I still have funds left for the actual move as I'm afraid it may all go into paying for storage. Let me know if you have any tips or recommendations about my situation. I need all the advice I can get right now and you guys seem to be helpful to everyone who asks you questions about moving and storage. Thanks a lot for your help!

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