Consultants You Can Trust for Your
Moving Business
  • Consultants who have run fleets of 50 trucks are ready
    for your questions.
  • Protect yourself from expensive errors and legal mishaps

For one low monthly fee, gain peace of mind knowing you can get help from one of
our consultants.
Key Benefits of Consultants

Solid ADVICE FROM SOLID CONSULTANTS Consultants are familiar with every aspect of the Moving Industry and can help you protect yourself or get out of a tricky situation.

Avoid paying expensive hourly fees

You pay a monthly fee and in exchange have access to someone when problems arise as they often do, unexpectedly.

Compliance is important

Compliance is extremely important to avoid fines and problems with the USDOT. However, one doesn’t always know the way in which to be compliant. This is where Consultants come in.

start your moving business right

Having your logistical questions answered as soon as you begin your business can be the key to getting started on the right track.

get advice on how to avoid fines

Fines leveraged by the USDOT can be incredibly expensive. Don’'t let them be the end of your business’s existence. Order our service and know you can call and get your questions answered.

Get personalized Help for your moving company

While you pay by the hour to talk to most companies, you pay only one low monthly fee to get help from Consultants. At a rate that any size moving company can afford.

Have paperwork reviewed.

Our consultants know moving industry paperwork. Errors can cost you.

Build a history with your consultant

You can schedule each consultation with the same consultants, building a history with someone who knows both you and your moving business.


The convenience of this service is amazing. It's definitely worth the money. And I would definitely
recommend it to anyone looking to start their own business!
David B., Lithonia, GA, 3/31/15