About Us, blogpartnerka.ru Information:

blogpartnerka.ru is comprised of a group of individuals with various backgrounds in the moving industry. We teamed up and decided to launch a site that is a neutral party whose only goal is to make the moving industry better and safer for both consumers and also the hard working men and women in small and medium moving companies. We’ve watched entire lives be destroyed in moving scams, disasters, etc. and decided to come together to help make some changes. this includes the endorsement of the good movers who are doing great job in a lawful and ethical way. We aim to inform the consumer on their rights and what is the proper practice of a moving company.

We publish articles and information to help consumers through the moving, claims and arbitration processes. We have generic claim forms and information to help customers in the event that they need to file a claim. We offer a comments section on many of our articles which allows real customers to ask questions and have one of our knowledgeable staff members respond with an answer, advice, etc.

We have easy to use relocation estimate software that helps customers obtain estimates from a variety of companies so they are able to choose the company that is best able to meet their needs. Customers can rate their moving company and post a review or use reviews posted by previous customers to help determine which company is best for them.

We not only provide leads for moving companies but we offer tools and services that will help companies stay in compliance with all legal requirements. Since the update of the STB law regarding valuation coverage options and language updates there has been a drastic decrease in the number of active movers and an increase in the number of carriers receiving violations and/or being shut down.

We offer moving contracts that are compliant with these regulation changes that movers can purchase to protect themselves. We offer moving arbitration services that meet all of the legal requirements as well. Moving companies will receive a certificate of participation to present during any DOT inspection.

On top of all of these services, we have many exciting projects on the horizon that will continue to reshape the way our industry operates that will make our industry more transparent and safer for everyone involved.